Close Protection NDST Ltd

Close protection services from NDST

Our officers can be provided anywhere in the world, for specific events, circumstances and time periods, for short or long term contracts covering a whole range of duties including:

  • Personal Protection Officers
  • Close Protection Teams
  • Security Drivers
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Security solutions for all permanent and vacation residences
  • High profile events and product launches
  • Fully integrated VIP Protection Teams, comprising of driver(s), protection officer(s), escort officer(s), advance party officer(s), security team leader(s)

The Role of the Close Protection Officer

  • Protection of their client from threats at all times
  • Constantly assess and re-assess any threat or problems for their clients
  • Maintain the integrity and security of any premises that their client may visit
  • Assure that their clients privacy and well being is maintained at all times
  • Provide protection at all times to anyone associated with the client
  • Maintain security at the clients home – business premises – venues – hotels

We offer a wide range of services from provision or security for a CEO, CFO, celebrity or individual to a full time multi-national team providing Royalty or Presidential level security anywhere in the world.

Our private clients include high profile individuals, corporate executives, religious leaders, media personalities, celebrities and members of diplomatic & royal families. Individuals and organisations requiring the services of a solo Close Protection Officer, or an integrated Close Protection Team are assured of the highest quality protective service available.