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BIIAB Award in Conflict Management:

There has been a steady increase in the incidence of violence, aggression and verbal abuse within society over recent years, much of which is fuelled by the misuse of alcohol and drugs. Many organisations have staff who are vulnerable to incidents involving violent, aggressive or abusive people and licensed premises are no exception.

The BIIAB Award in Conflict Management is designed to provide the basic understanding to deal effectively with workplace violence.

The aim of the award is to develop the learners’ knowledge and skills so they can assess their work environment and reduce the risk of being subjected to violence, deal effectively with conflict and aggression and learn from an incident of work related violence.

Anyone working with the public, for example those working in pubs, restaurants, hotels and the leisure industry.

The award consists of 9 units:

  • 1. The Law Relating to Violence at Work
  • 2. Risk Assessment
  • 3. Risk Reduction
  • 4. Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • 5. Responses to Threat
  • 6. The Basics of Communication
  • 7. Non-Verbal Communication
  • 8. Defusing High-Risk Conflict
  • 9. Support and Learning from Conflict

Assessment is by means of an examination consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions.

Candidates achieving the award will receive a certificate from BIIAB.

The recommended guided learning hours for this award is 8 hours.

There are no formal entry requirements for candidates undertaking the qualification. However, the nature of both the learning and assessment required for the qualification is such that candidates will need basic literacy and numeracy skills.