Alarm Response in Sutton, Guildford, Surrey & the South East

What is your current response procedure in the event of an alarm activation at your home or business premises? Having a security system fitted offers unrivalled protection and peace of mind, be it for your family or business, as well as your property and belongings. But in the event of a triggered alarm, it’s not easy to know what action to take. After all, there could be active vandals and thieves on your site. At NDST Ltd, we provide a rapid alarm response service that minimises personal risk to you or your site’s nominated keyholder.

Operating out of Dorking, our security company covers all surrounding areas and the wider South East region. Our key service areas include Epsom, Guildford, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton, to name a few.

Alarm Response | What to Expect

Do you have a CCTV and alarm system that needs constant monitoring? If you try to manage this responsibility personally or in-house, it can soon become overwhelming, inefficient and expensive.

Our security company’s alarm response service works in tandem with our
CCTV monitoring. We operate a control room with a full complement of staff 24 hours a day. All our controllers hold an SIA license, and the facility itself has GDPR and ISO accreditation. Every aspect of our service fully complies with the latest industry guidelines.

If you have a modern CCTV system, it has the ability to offer remote access via an internet connection. It takes a matter of minutes for us to establish this link, but you feel the benefits of added peace of mind long into the future.

As a bespoke service tailored around you, we keep your connection live in line with your needs, from out-of-hours only to around-the-clock monitoring.

Should vandals or thieves force entry to your site, they will trigger your alarm system. When this happens, our control room receives a notification. Taking control of the situation, our controllers view live footage from your CCTV camera on their own monitors. Panning and zooming your cameras, we assess the immediate situation.

Our swift and efficient response service identifies the cause of the alarm. Based on this information, we initiate the most suitable resolution. This will vary depending on your requirements, the type of property you own and the severity of the situation at hand.

If our security company doesn’t hold keys to your premises, we notify you or your nominated keyholder about the triggered alarm. We can send one or more security officers to meet the relevant person to perform an onsite inspection and to reset the alarm.

Our alarm response team provides the necessary backup your keyholder requires to swiftly identify the potential issues and risks at your site. If we suspect criminal activity, we call the authorities.

Call us on 01306 779 436/437 (Office) or 0808 155 6985 (Operations) to take the first step toward your own alarm response service in Guildford, Sutton or the surrounding areas.