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How much security do you have for your family home in Brighton? If you own a commercial property, when was the last time you assessed the effectiveness of your current security solution? Security threats continually evolve, but so does the private security industry. With technological advances improving products and approaches year after year, it’s important to work with an experienced security company to ensure your premises has the appropriate protection.

New Dawn Security & Training Ltd provides a wide range of services. Event security, CCTV monitoring, alarm response, security guard training and the provision of door supervisors and security guards – we know how to ensure safety.

In this blog, we examine how you can upgrade security at your domestic or commercial property.

Improving Your Property’s Security

Private Homeowners

Of course, security concerns at a family home or rental property in Brighton differ from those at a place of business. While the idea might appeal to some, having security guards and door supervisors outside your house simply isn’t practical. However, you can have the former as and when you need them.

Our security company provides CCTV monitoring and alarm response services. These are standalone services, but we can combine them where necessary.

NDST Ltd operates a GDPR- and ISO-accredited facility around the clock. SIA-licensed personnel monitor your CCTV system, taking action at the first sign of suspicious or criminal activity.

Similarly, if you have an alarm system, our security guards respond when someone triggers it. We assume the risk, so you don’t have to. You can rest assured, all our staff have undergone the necessary security guard training required to perform their role.

If you plan to hold a large private party, our event security solutions extend to the provision of door supervisors. Our presence ensures only invited guests can gain access.

Commercial Properties

Places of business will always represent a tempting prospect for would-be vandals and criminals. From offices to warehouses, and shops to distribution centres, you never know who is assessing your security system and processes for a weakness.

Thankfully, our security company can help to safeguard your property, stock and equipment. Again, our CCTV monitoring and alarm response services provide a rapid, convenient option in the event of unauthorised access – especially out of hours.

This not only increases the amount of security for your Brighton premises, it also frees up your own time, be it for personal pursuits or to put back into your business. Because we manage this aspect of your building’s security, you have one less thing to worry about.

A uniformed security presence at your site also acts as a visual deterrent, making crime and vandalism less likely. With patrols carried out by personnel who have completed security guard training, we spot weaknesses and signs of suspicion far more than the untrained eye. Our door supervisors operate to the same exacting standards too.

Similarly, our event security guards also offer reassurance for guests at your function, convention or any other occasion, but without any compromise in onsite protection.

Call 01306 779 436/437 (Office) or 0808 155 6985 (Operations) to speak with our security company. From security guard training to alarm response, we provide the complete package in Brighton.