CCTV Monitoring in Kingston, Epsom, Surrey, the South East & Nationwide

If your CCTV system detects an intruder while your property sits unoccupied, is anyone notified? Whether you’re a homeowner or a regional business, relying on neighbours or passers-by to raise the alarm in the event of vandalism or a break in is a huge risk to take. By the time this happens, if at all, the intruders have the time to cause significant damage to your site, or steal the valuables they set out to take. CCTV systems make a fantastic foundation for your security needs, but we can make them truly proactive.

NDST Ltd provides a CCTV monitoring service that ensures your home or commercial property has constant protection. Based in Dorking, our security company works with clients across Surrey and the South East. Some of our key service areas include Epsom, Guildford, Horsham, Kingston and Sutton, to name a few.

How CCTV Monitoring Works

If your CCTV system offers remote access via an internet connection, our security company can monitor your site remotely. It takes a matter of minutes to set up and offers long-term peace of mind.

NDST Ltd operates a manned control room 24 hours a day. This facility has GDPR and ISO accreditation, and all our controllers hold an SIA CCTV license. You can rest assured, we operate in strict compliance with the current industry guidelines.

You have a one-of-a-kind property and unique requirements, so we tailor our approach to deliver a fully bespoke solution. For example, you can benefit from a live connection 24/7, providing protection around the clock. Alternatively, we can activate the connection only at the times you leave your premises unattended.

Should your security system detect intruder access or any other unusual activity, it sends an alarm to our remote control room. When one of our controllers responds, they view the live footage from your CCTV cameras directly on their monitoring screen.

The controller responding to your alarm can then zoom and pan your cameras to investigate its cause. This is a crucial step as it ensures the intruder(s) cannot hide in a blind spot.

Our security company takes immediate action at the first sign of suspicious activity. The nature of the response depends on certain variables, including the type of property you own, the situation unfolding and its severity.

Typical actions include notifying the emergency services, calling your nominated keyholder or implementing our own rapid alarm response service. The latter can help with your own insurance requirements.

Call us on 01306 779 436/437 (Office) or 0808 155 6985 (Operations) to discuss your CCTV monitoring needs in Epsom, Kingston, Surrey or the wider South East region.