Door Supervisor in Horsham | The Characteristics of Great Security Guards and Door Staff

Have you decided to become a door supervisor in Horsham? Or are you drawn more to the role of security guard? Whichever position you prefer, it’s important that every security company sees you as employable within that field. Of course, door personnel and security guard training are essential steps to securing a job, but there’s much more to it than that. Your personality can also be of great help.

At NDST Ltd, we cover a full range of services. These include event security stewarding, construction site security, door supervision and many more.

With more than 70 years of industry experience, we know the qualities that make a great door supervisor; we know how to separate the best security guards from the average.

As a security company, we simply cannot compromise our standards. It jeopardises the safety and enjoyment of events as well as our Horsham clients’ satisfaction. But it also risks damaging our own reputation for excellence too.

Below, we have outlined the characteristics that make for great door personnel and manned guards.

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The Qualities of Great Door Staff & Security Guards

Physical Fitness

Any security company serving Horsham prefers to see candidates who take care of themselves. You don’t have to be Mr Universe, but exercise, healthy eating and regular gym sessions should play a relatively important role in your life. Door supervisor and security guard training show a willingness to get into the profession, but high physical fitness shows extra dedication.

The reality is, these two roles, like any aspect of venue and event security, are physically demanding. They both involve being on your feet for long periods, regular patrols, late nights (in many cases) or even chasing a thief. For door personnel, you also face the prospect of physically restraining potentially drunk and/or aggressive people.

Strength and stamina go a long way to showing your employability.

Observational Skills

If you’ve got a habit of seeing things before others do, you should make it clear during your interview. Observational skills are invaluable to the services we provide as a security company in Horsham. This goes beyond door supervisors and security guards. It includes event security stewarding, close protection teams and CCTV operators as well.

As door personnel or a manned guard, you must constantly monitor for potentially risky or dangerous situations. Door staff and security guard training can only do so much in this regard. It’s up to you to prove that a potentially mundane routine won’t cause your attention to drift.

But it only takes a small distraction at the wrong moment to lead to a situation. Being constantly alert is a highly valuable trait.

A Natural Peacemaker

Door supervisors in Horsham should always be prepared for conflict. Likewise, security guards should be alert for rising tensions or worst-case scenarios. However, both roles also require a natural peacemaker. The same applies to event security stewarding and every other service we provide as a security company.

Conflict management and tension de-escalation are key components of door staff and security guard training. However, if you have an innate urge to quell unsafe or risky situations in order to restore peace and safety, you have one of the most important characteristics for this role.

Keeping a cool head and remaining calm, no matter the situation, is vital. Even in the face of provocation, keeping the peace and sticking to your duties is a must.

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