Security Guard Training in Sutton | Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Have Door Supervisors and Security Guards

From small retail units to entire shopping malls, and from cosy restaurants to street food markets, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the retail and hospitality sectors hard. While lockdown was especially tough, post-lockdown rules represent their own challenge. Whether in Sutton or the surrounding areas, those businesses reopening have to manage social-distancing measures as well as facemask requirements. With the risk of high-running tensions, it’s never been more important to have security guards and door supervisors.

As a specialist security company, NDST Ltd covers everything from event security stewarding and management to security guard training. Many of our clients are retailers, restaurants, sports venues and a part of the night-time economy. The venues and sites we keep secure are places where the general public meet and socialise in large numbers.

Government-set regulations dictate that such close-proximity gatherings must be controlled as part of the fight against the virus. No one quite knows how long this ‘new normal’ will last, but it’s simply a reality we must face for now.

To ensure your own Sutton business’s ongoing compliancy, and all round safety, it’s vital that you have experienced, SIA-licensed security guards and door supervisors. With decades of expertise in venue and event security management, and the latest in security guard training, our personnel can help to manage any environment.

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The Importance of Security Guards and Door Supervisors

With social distancing comes limited occupancy numbers. From supermarkets to public houses, venues in Sutton and beyond have had to reduce the maximum number of people onsite at any one time. In most cases, this means a queue of people waiting outside.

Despite the clichés about our nation’s love of queuing, nobody enjoys standing for long periods. If the queue doesn’t move quickly, and if the weather is hot or rainy, tensions could soon rise. As such, you need a security company with a proven record in effective queue management.

As a specialist in event security stewarding, crowd control, door supervision and all aspects of manned guarding, NDST Ltd personnel are adept at maintaining entry limitations and monitoring developing situations within queues.

Having undergone various security guard training courses, we also apply our skillset to controlling crowds during peak hours. When in your Sutton venue or on your site, our door supervisors and security guards can tailor their approach to your unique needs.

In a general sense, this involves monitoring customers and acting to prevent unwanted, or unlawful, behaviour. Specifically, this includes de-escalating tensions, handling emergencies, preventing suspicious activities and enforcing social distancing.

With a proactive approach, we can address issues like threats of violence before they occur.

By investing in our security company’s personnel, you have complete peace of mind that your premises remains safe, enjoyable and fully compliant.

Reasons to Choose Our Security Company

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