Alarm Response in Woking | Common Misconceptions About Security Guards and the Security Industry

When you think of security guards, door supervisors or the private security industry as a whole, what do you picture? Stereotypes are inevitable in any walk of life. Like every security company, NDST Ltd has to negotiate our own. From one-time new stories to TV shows and films, misconceptions typically come from a lack of knowledge.

As a specialist for event security, CCTV monitoring, alarm response, security guard training and much more, our team covers a wide range of needs in Woking and the neighbouring areas. With decades of shared expertise behind us, we are perfectly placed to help dispel the misconceptions surrounding our industry and the people who make it what it is.

In this blog, we set 3 of the most misleading myths straight.

Dispelling Misconceptions About Security Guards
Guards don’t need any training

This is one of the most frequently heard myths about door supervisors and other security personnel. Put simply, because they don’t need training, anyone can be one – and whenever they like. The reality is the complete opposite.

The individuals at our security company have undergone rigorous training to SIA standards in various areas. These range from legal regulations and policies to physical fitness, and problem-solving techniques to emergency procedures.

Whether it’s as part of property or event security in Woking, our staff must know how to act in an almost-endless range of situations. They also need to know how to solve just as many issues. What’s more, they have to anticipate situations and scenarios before they unfold, and choose the right reaction to them.

As with CCTV monitoring and alarm response services, our onsite teams also remain alert and vigilant for prolonged periods, continually assessing risks. While these abilities are sometimes natural with some, security guard training helps to build them up.

Security guards must be big and muscular

Contrary to the stereotype, door supervisors and onsite guards don’t need to look like a competitive strongman. Yes, physical fitness is a valuable quality for anyone working with a security company. But this doesn’t automatically equate to bulging muscles.

Of course, a well-built individual will likely deter would-be troublemakers, vandals and criminals. But numerous other qualities and skills serve just as well in dangerous situations.

For example, sharp observational skills, and the ability to stay alert and focused, may prevent a situation from arising at all. Good communication skills are also essential when it comes to de-escalation.

Communication skills aren’t necessary

Having touched on the value of communication above, we feel it’s important to underline how valuable this skill is for security guards, door supervisors or anyone involved in property and event security. This extends to our CCTV monitoring and alarm response work in and around Woking.

It’s even arguable that communication is the most important trait as a frontline security professional. These people usually greet customers and guests, give directions or information, co-operate with other employees and de-escalate situations with rising tensions.

The ability to communicate well is often much more valuable to our security company than someone’s appearance, strength or gender. Again, while this skill is natural for some, security guard training helps to draw it out in others.

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